Best Pick


BEST PICK General Trading LLC, founded in 2016 by Zayed Al Marar in the bustling capital of the UAE, proudly serves as your reliable partner, offering premium oil and gas products alongside sustainable energy solutions. With a solid foundation and years of experience, Best Pick adheres to excellence in every aspect of its operations. Endorsed by the Supreme Petroleum Council, Best Pick guarantees the smooth procurement and delivery of industry-leading solutions.

More than just a name, Best Pick is a promise. With a glance, it evokes trust, expertise, and a determination to exceptional quality. Just like choosing the best option, partnering with Best Pick assures you of consistent energy solutions – a promise delivered at every step.


Best Pick envisions achieving global recognition as industry experts, leading not only in sustainable practices but also within the energy sector. Our vision extends beyond profitability; it involves sourcing and supplying only the finest products and tailoring top-tier sustainable solutions. Sustainability isn't just an element of our identity; it's integrated into every aspect of our business operations.


At Best Pick, our mission is to be your preferred partner, delivering exceptional trading solutions globally. We promise to provide high-quality products and services at competitive prices, building trusted partnerships. Guided by integrity, innovation, and reliability, our goal is to exceed your expectations, drive stakeholders’ growth, and positively impact communities.

Pillars of Excellence

Best Pick endeavors to be at the forefront of sustainable business practices, spearheading innovative initiatives that prioritize environmental responsibility, social inclusiveness, and economic prosperity within the energy, oil, and gas sectors.

My vision is inspired by the unwavering spirit of UAE. As a leader, I strive not just for success, but for progress that echoes the visionary guidance of our nation’s leaders. My journey isn’t about grand gestures but about empowering the next generation and every individual to forge their own brighter future. At Best Pick, our dedication to sustainability stems from a strategic commitment to adopting solutions that propel our company forward. Embracing sustainability isn’t just a trend for us; it is a core strategy to ensure a positive impact on the environment . This isn’t about inheriting a future it’s about actively shaping it. Every step we take, every challenge we overcome, is a promise of a brighter tomorrow. I am not just leading a company, I am contributing to our nation’s progress with the collective hard work of my team of colleagues; who are determined to carve their own destiny.

Zayed Al Marar - Founder and Owner


Setting the standard for excellence, Best Pick stands out with its achievement of prestigious IMCD-recognized certifications in safety, quality, and sustainability.

Holding ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015, and ISO 14001:2015 certifications, we demonstrate our commitment to industry-leading practices. These accolades signify Best Pick’s unwavering commitment to excellence and compliance with international standards across occupational health, safety, quality, and environmental management.