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Off Grid Solutions

AWG (Atmospheric Water Generation)

Break free from the water grid with our reliable, affordable air-to-water solutions, offering guaranteed uptime. With our customizable options, transform air into clean, usable water for drinking, irrigation, industrial processes, and more.

Mobile Incinerators

Transform waste management with our mobile incineration solutions. Our state-ofthe- art technology offers sustainable on-site processing, eliminating transportation hassles and slashing costs. Embrace efficient and ecofriendly waste disposal tailored to your unique needs.

Self-contained Waste Water Evaporation System

Our units offer superior comfort and efficiency. Escape the noise and elements with our insulated, weather-resistant designs. Enjoy energy-saving features and customizable layouts to create your perfect off-grid haven.

Waterless Incinerating Toilet

Live comfortably, efficiently, anywhere with our custom-designed modular units. Perfect for offshore workers, construction crews, military camps, glamping resorts, and more. We tailor each unit to your unique needs, from soundproofing offshore havens to maximizing space in construction zones, we’ve got you covered.

Organic Composting

Unlock the peak of composting efficiency and transform any organic waste into nutrientrich, premium compost faster than traditional methods. Our customized solutions, from urban gardens to large farms, guarantee sustainable waste management that reduces landfill waste and boosts soil health.